About Tech SkillIT

Portrait of Chad Garrett

Tech. Skill. IT.

Right now, Tech SkillIT is one person - Chad Garrett. I've had over 15 years of experience in computer repair and IT support, but I chose 2016 to go into business full time. My experience runs the entire gamut of technology: Web design & development, graphic design, video production, photography, and programming. If you're trying to do something with a computer, there's a good chance I've already done something similar and I already know the best practices.

Making Technology Easy

I strive to explain technology in simple terms and try not to bury you with technical terms. I want to earn your trust, and the only way to do that is for you to really understand what's going on.

On-Location Service

There's no need for a residential user to be forced to untangle the jungle of wires behind their desktop — some things can only be properly solved when the computer is paired with the rest of your home's technology. I offer on-location service to everyone as well as remote assistance, with free pickup and delivery to keep costs down on longer jobs.